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in , on June 1, 2020

Premium Trading Courses
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Akil Stokes ² Jason Graystone – TierOneTrading
Astro FX 2.0
Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course
Chris Capre – Advanced Price Action Course [20 mp4 + 1 pdf + 2 xlsx]-[Forex Trading]-by[TT]
Chris Lori
ICT – Methods
iMarketsLive Academy – Course
Live Traders – How To Become A Forex Pro Trader
Michael storm
SMB Training Foundation
The Winning Trader
Tim Gritanni
Tyler Trades – Ichimoku Traders Academy

Jack Harris at

It is still working ?

Micah Zimmer at

Oh my God i just received 8btc with the help of Bitcoin Miner System I’m so surprised 🤑

Adrian Brant at

I cant believe my eyes with Bitcoin Miner System who got me legit 3btc in minutes successfully ✅✅✅

Sawyer Scott at

Excellent course. Packed with lots of knowledge and information that helps beginners understand the basics of trading and maps out important strategies in being tactical and profitable in the process. A good amount of interaction with tutorials and examples, along with getting to put a few trades on during the course of the day. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of trading retail or just needs a little boost of knowledge.

Joel Lee at

The knowledge shared amongst the course mentors was second to none. The course material was delivered extremely well and would appeal to traders of all experience levels. The mentors held nothing back and would facilitate all questions, sharing vast accounts of successful experiences within the markets. The course was extremely well put together and very fluid between topics. I seriously doubt there will be another course out there currently delivering to this standard. I entered the course as a Trading novice and left with some serious in depth knowledge towards risk management, optimal strategies based on specific analytical tools, all the way through to execution of trades and maintaining positive self efficacy as a Trader.

Easton Diamond at

I attended and completed the 1 day FX course yesterday, it was a great day of training from some seriously good traders / trainers.

Nicolas Robinson at

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get in to, or enhance their knowledge in FX trading.

Declan Cairns at

I’m a complete beginner but feel I have the tools now to start my trading journey.

Jaxson Sim at

The trainers are all extremely knowledge with bundles of experience under their belts, they make you feel welcome and are more than happy to sit down , answer any questions and take you through the motions so you really understand what you’re doing

Emerson Irving at

Very good courses that contain interesting practical recommendations and a lot of useful theory about trading.

Winston Anderson at

I did not regret that I used them, because we all know the general rules of the market. And when someone pays our attention to the details and helps us to cope with specific problems, it is the way to success, which will allow us to become a true professional. I am satisfied, and can recommend it.

Colt Mayer at

Probably the best trading course!

Malcolm Ewart at

Great location, great people, amazing and professional teachers, no wasting time Thanks a lot!!

Caleb Rose at

A great course on trading forex , very informative and detailed. Would definitely recommend.

Connor Lake at

No one should even consider going anywhere near foreign-exchange trading without going on this course.

Jasper Marks at

The experience, engagement and enthusiasm of the Mentors is awesome. I now know ‘what I don’t know’ and realise what real commitment is needed to trade successfully.

Tobias Davidson at

I can’t praise the mentors enough, it was informative and enjoyable and has given me the enthusiasm to learn more.

Benjamin Point at

This will be the best investment you will make don’t hesitate.

Marcus Fuller at

Great educational provider for all levels of investors in the room.

Arthur Lee at

The blend of real life stories tied in with theory kept the course interesting from start to finish.

Cameron Daniel at

I have taken a few of these financial courses and it is by far the best


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